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Best Test Data Management Tools In 2023 - Top 10


Top 10 Best Test Data Management Tools In 2023

A Software Test Data Management system is responsible for creating, organizing, and overseeing a program’s software or source code to facilitate effective testing. Another key objective of managing test data is to guarantee the optimal functioning of the software. This process encompasses the oversight of files, regulations, and various assets generated at different stages of the software testing journey.

This system maintains a clear distinction between test data and output data, resulting in streamlined testing outcomes and a more efficient utilization of testing resources. The management of test data is facilitated through the utilization of a dedicated test data tool.

Any Test Data Management Tool Follows The Following Steps Of Processing:

Every system keeps Data in different types, forms, and places. For this info, different rules are used. This means that the test tool can use these data to find the correct test data for the testing process.

  • Now, the tool takes the subset of data from the test data that was chosen and gathered from different data sources.
  • After choosing the subset of test data, the tool hides private test data, like personal information about a client.
  • Now, the tool compares the actual data to the test data used as a standard to see how well the application works.
  • The tool updates the test data so that the application works better.

This piece will teach you the basics of managing test data and list the best tools for the job.

Following Is The List Of Top Test Data Management Tools

#1) K2View

Best Test Data Management Tools In 2023 - Top 10

K2View is the best test data management (TDM) tool for businesses with complicated settings. Testers can quickly get subsets of test data from any number and type of production sources, and the consistency of the references will be kept. A lot of API-based integration with DevOps CI/CD automation processes.

Private information (PII) is found and hidden while being sent or stored. The software lets you make fake test data, keep track of versions, reserve subsets, report, add a security layer, and do other things.

You can install on-premises, in the cloud, or in a mix.

Download Link: K2View

#2) Avo iTDM – Intelligent Test Data Management

Best Test Data Management Tools In 2023 - Top 10

With just a few clicks, Avo’s intelligent Test Data Management (iTDM) lets you make production-like test data that is accurate and useful. By using this fake data, teams can speed up the testing process. The solution finds and handles PII automatically (data discovery), hides private data to meet PII requirements (data obfuscation), and provides and creates data.

It works with open architecture and lets you quickly add your modules. It was made with open-source tools and container frameworks and can handle billions of records on standard hardware.

With iTDM, you can:

  • Speed up the delivery of applications by testing them more quickly.
  • Find data that doesn’t follow the rules in settings that aren’t production.
  • Follow the on-demand and customizable data privacy rules that are constantly changing.
  • Make sure you only send important data downstream.

Download Link: Avo’s intelligent Test Data Management (iTDM)

#3) DATPROF – Test Data Simplified

Best Test Data Management Tools In 2023 - Top 10

Several DATPROF Test Data Management Suite products can be used to create test data management options. DATPROF Runtime is what the suite is built around. This is the base of the test data provisioning tool, where DATPROF projects are run and automated.

The tools that are most often used in a standard test data management setup are

  • DATPROF Analyze: To analyze and profile a data source.
  • DATPROF Privacy: To model masking projects.
  • DATPROF Subset: To model subset projects.
  • DATPROF Runtime: To run generated code, projects, and the distribution of datasets.

At every step of the lifecycle, the patented DATPROF suite is made to require the least amount of work (hours). This directly affects how quickly it can be used and how easy it is to use during upkeep.

Download Link: DATPROF

#4) Informatica Test Data Management

Best Test Data Management Tools In 2023 - Top 10

The Informatica Test Data Management Tool is a great program that can automatically subset data, hide data, connect data, and make test data. It instantly finds places where sensitive data is stored. This is meeting the growing need for test results.

It also meets the needs of the infrastructure, coders, testers, application owners, and so on. Informatica gives the development team a non-production collection that meets their needs. In addition, it has built-in private data discovery that makes test data safer.

Download Link: Informatica Test Data Management Tool

#5) CA Test Data Manager (Datamaker)

Best Test Data Management Tools In 2023 - Top 10

Another great tool that can be used to make highly fake data is CA Test Data Manager. This tool’s design is very flexible, making testing how it works more accessible. CA technologies made it. The DataMaker of Grid-tools is bought. As well as DataMaker, DataFinder, and Agile Designer, it goes by the name DataFinder.

It lets you do things like test matching, data filtering, data subsetting and more quickly and easily. The tool makes test data, stores it, and uses it again in the test data library. We can access the data using the tool’s “on-demand” service.

Download Link: CA Test Data Manager

#6) Compuware

Best Test Data Management Tools In 2023 - Top 10

Compuware’s Test data tool is another well-known tool that offers improved test data management. We can easily make test data with this tool. With this tool, you can hide, translate, generate, age, analyze, and validate testing data. The new thing about the tool is that it meets all the requirements of the computer test.

All common file types can be opened with it. With all of these features, it protects your info completely. The protection of this data affects how the industry manages files and data and makes it easy to get to test data.

#7) InfoSphere Optim

Best Test Data Management Tools In 2023 - Top 10

The IBM InfoSphere Optim tool has a process and on-demand service features built in. This feature helps with agile software creation and testing that goes on all the time. The tool lets you test data in real time, uses test databases that are the right size to optimize, and automatically takes care of test data management.

The tool speeds up the process of making business apps, which cuts costs and speeds up application release. It looks at and gives coders and testers new test data when they ask for it. All of these features make it easier to test everything and lower the risk that could happen during training or testing.

Download Link: InfoSphere Optim

#8) LISA Solutions

Best Test Data Management Tools In 2023 - Top 10

The automatic testing tool LISA Solutions makes a fake dataset that is very accurate in how it works. You can get test data from many places, like Excel sheets, XML files, log files, etc. The test data is accessible for testers or coders to change and combine in one place.

Automatic data hiding keeps private information safe without breaking any security rules. It also offers dynamic data stabilization that checks the test data against the business rules. Another aspect of the tool is that it can self-heal virtual test data, which makes it more valuable.

Download Link: LISA Solutions

#9) Delphix

Best Test Data Management Tools In 2023 - Top 10

The Delphix Test data tool lets you test quickly and satisfactorily. During creation, testing, training, or reporting, data that is already being used is shared. It’s called data virtualization or virtual data when shared this way. The tool’s virtual data gives you full, accurate, and complete data sets in just a few minutes and only takes up a little room.

It also saves money on storage. The tool boosts output by automatically delivering and setting up applications and databases. The tool can be used on both public and private clouds. It offers services and charges for their use.

Download Link: Delphix

#10) Solix EDMS

Best Test Data Management Tools In 2023 - Top 10

The Solix test data tool makes test data subsets instantly for testing, development, masking, patching, training, and outsourcing. The tool can also clone and handle production data subsets from large databases.

These clone data groups are made based on business rules set by the organization. This reduces the time and money needed for infrastructure by up to 70%. The results from these correct and realistic data sets are more exact. The tool eliminates unnecessary security risks and saves space and time.

Download Link: Solix


The article above gives you some basic knowledge about the best test data management tools and what they can do. We’ve looked at all of these tools and found that while they each have unique features, they all use the same test data process.

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