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Wristwatch History: 5 Best Swiss Brands

Everything that is good has a history and beginning. In the world of fashion, wristwatches are one of the staple accessories. There are good watches from many parts of the world but much attention and focus on swiss watches. Swiss watches are known for their technology and ability to produce quality, and they are still relevant in the business. They are the watch-making hub of the world. Good and quality watches and Switzerland are inextricably linked together. They have crafted a niche for themselves with the level of quality and reliable production of watches. 

They have drastically improved on their watches despite competition from the Japanese, Italians, and other good watch-making countries. The Swiss watchmakers have constantly innovated and improved their craft over the years. To help matters, here are swiss wristwatch brands, their history, and why they are the best.

  • Omega Watches

The founder of Omega watches is Louis Brandt, who started by bringing together pocket watches from local craftsman parts. He founded it in 1903 with their headquarters at Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. The US Army in 1918 adopted it as their official combat watch, as much as the Royal Flying Corps of Britain chose it in 1917. 

It was the first wristwatch to be taken to the moon for the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. Their watches have been serving as the Olympic game’s official timekeeper since 1932. Leaders and celebrities have all worn Omega watches, the former U.S. president John F Kennedy and celebrities like the actor James Bond and even celebrity Elvis Presley. They are excellent Swiss wristwatches. You can find many Omega watches for sale online and in-stores which can suit your style preference perfectly! Just make sure you buy them from Omega shops or other legitimate watch shops like TheWatchCompany.con

  • Rolex

They are the topmost luxury swiss wristwatch ever. Rolex wristwatches were founded by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis in 1905 in London, England. The founder of this wristwatch brand was 24 years old when he founded it. In 1920, they moved to a city acclaimed and renowned for being good watchmakers in Switzerland called Geneva. No other watch brand has received the Swiss Certificate Of Chronometric Precision until they did in 1910. 

The Official Watch Rating Centre awarded them this prestigious award in Bienne. People that use Rolex will tell you how reliable and functional they can be. Its makers have a never-ending desire to work near perfect and continuously improve on everything they put out in the watch market. It takes them a long time to finish their watches to give people something that will serve them well. They are swiss wristwatches that can never disappoint their consumer markets. This is arguably the biggest swiss wristwatch brand out there. One cannot talk about swiss wrist watches without having a Rolex on their lips.

  •  Hublot

The swiss have in their wealth of watches a Hublot watch. The name Hublot is a French word for ‘’ porthole’’. It was founded and named by an Italian known as Carlo Crocco, who left Binda Group to form his own company in 1976 to form it in 1980 officially. They have their headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland. They were the first wristwatch brand to make or create the first natural rubber strap, which took three years.

This is one of the best swiss watches loved by all for its exquisite design and class. Celebrities are also not left out because they are also seen with Hublot watches. A good watch brand like Hublot can be seen as a twin to Rolex watches, for they are amongst the best watches in the world. Another one you wouldn’t regret going for and bringing out cash for is a Hublot watch because of the value they have. A good wristwatch lover who acquires a Hublot watch is guaranteed excellence, longevity on the watch that may appreciate value and quality as years go by.

  • Tag Heuer

Another watch that is swiss made is a Tag Heuer.  It was founded in 1861 by Edouard Heuer. Their headquarters is at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Tag Heuer watches have a robust exterior, making them a brand that can survive temperatures and other extreme situations for their water-resistant features.

Its swiss makers have been making great watches for a long time, including mechanical, quartz, and tourbillon watches.

  •  Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is a superb swiss luxury wristwatch founded in 1839 by Antoni Patek, Franciszek czapek, and Adrien Philippe in canton Geneva, Switzerland, with their headquarters in Canton, Geneva, Switzerland. Patek watches are elegant pieces with alluring designs. It gives the collector confidence and is worth every dime spent on it. They are one of the mainstays in the swiss watch-making business and arena.


The history of these great watches has been discussed here extensively. Any good watch is a joy, especially if they are swiss. It gives a great impression of who you are. If you have made a budget for a watch, these swiss wristwatches with their worth and features cannot be emphasized, and it’s the real deal for you. They can be worth any money or investment you make on them.

Their demand keeps skyrocketing for the enormous quality and mark they have leftover on wristwatch lovers.

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