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Best Android Apps To Automate Tasks


Best Android Apps To Automate Tasks

Numerous Android Apps are specialized in automating tasks. You will find numerous variants in these automated android apps if you visit Google Play Store. With so many apps in the market, it gets hard to choose one. The features, applications, and interface of all these apps vary, but their main function is the same.

Fist of all, let us come to the importance of these apps. Why do the apps to automate your tasks are needed? If we sum up the discussion on this, these apps are meant to make our existence simple. You will be able to perform tasks in a much easier and convenient way because of these apps. They will enable you to create custom actions on your smart devices. You need to initiate the action by setting them up according to your requirements. After you are done with their setting, the apps will run on their own. In simple words, automation apps help you out in making your smart devices even smarter. You will be able to get the most out of your devices via these apps.

Automation Apps are pretty helpful when it comes to the performance and functioning of different tasks. Despite being so useful, these apps are pretty hard to choose. To make the task a bit easier for you, we have picked out some of the Best Android Apps To Automate Tasks.

5 Best Android Apps To Automate Tasks

With so many apps in the market, it was hard for us to pick one, so we have shortlisted 5 such incredible apps. So, what are you waiting for? Let us dive into the list and explore these apps even more.



When it comes to automation, and the apps meant for automation, Tasker is regarded as the best app. Tasker uses several triggers, actions, and events to automate your tasks completely. This app can be set up in such a way that it responds to dates and times, widgets, and locations, etc.

You can also create or export tasks using Tasker. Moreover, performing actions, handling hardware speed or acceleration, managing screen lock and password, and setting up notifications and sound profiles are some other tasks that can be performed using Tasker. This is an efficient app that has more than 200 possible actions. It also comes with numerous potential triggers and rules to be modified. There will be no wrong in regarding it as one of the finest apps for automation.

One thing about Tasker that makes it one of its kind and sets it apart from others is its ability to control many complicated and complex tasks. You can use this app to perform numerous tasks at the same time. A bad thing about this app is that its interface is pretty complex, which might be difficult for a moderate Android user. You can also find a paid version of this app.



MacroDroid is not only the best looking app for automation but is the easiest to operate among all other apps. It comes with easily accessible macros and several templates. MacroDroid helps in keeping the battery of the device from reducing beyond a certain limit. It will dim the screen and perform all the necessary tasks that can reduce battery drain.

If you often tend to forget your tasks and important notifications, this automation app will help you out with that too. It will read out the messages and notifications loud and will remind you of your important tasks. Whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly tasks; you will be able to manage all of them through it.

Another amazing thing about this app is that it supports several things like battery level, headset being used, time and date, and connected devices. The app comes with excellent support and is ideal for supporting numerous apps. Everyone loves the beginner-friendly and elegant interface of the app. One problem with the app is the limited availability, i.e., of 5 macros on the free version.



The locale is another incredible Android App to automate tasks. As clear from the name, this app targets local triggers. To manage settings, Locale used artificial intelligence. The tasks like turning your phone silent at work, setting the wallpaper, and connecting to a Wi-Fi are performed easily by this app. For quick detection of location, Locale uses geofencing algorithms. Most of the users have regarded Locale as one of the best apps in the market.

The interface of the app is quite user-friendly. The management of tasks gets hassle-free due to this app. This android app comes with an energy-saving approach. It turns off all the functions and apps that affect the battery life of a device. You can also customize several tasks like brightness, ringtones, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., on this app. The best thing about Locale is that it not only extends the battery life but is itself pretty energy-efficient. You can easily master all the features of this app and make your life much easier. The only bad thing about Locale is that it is limited in its features. Unlike most Android Apps for automation, it comes with a few triggers and is not very vast in its application.

4.Automate. IT


If you are looking for an app that makes your life easier by helping you out with your tasks and automate all of your manual tasks, Automate.IT is the best pick for you. The app supports SMS, incoming calls, battery life, turning the screen on and off, GPS status, Wi-Fi control, time, date, day, location, and numerous other triggers. This app also specialized in sowing various notifications, notifying a Bluetooth state, toggling Wi-Fi on and off, and playing sounds. You can also turn off or reboot your device using Automate.IT.

Some of the best things about these apps include its simple and user-friendly interface. The app is free of cost, so it covers a large market space. One bad thing about this app is a few bugs that have been received in the latest versions of the app.

5.App Cache Cleaner

App Cache Cleaner

Cleaning the device and freeing up some space are common issues, both Android and iOS users face. The App Cache Cleaner is an incredibly efficient app that helps its users out with all the necessary cleaning. You will be to get rid of all the unnecessary cache in your storage, and your device will be clean for use once again. This automated android app does all the work on its own and helps you make your life easier.

Android Apps are Amazing!

All the apps mentioned above have some specialities and flaws of their own. Now, it is up to you to decide on an app that suits you the best. Best of Luck!


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