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7 social media strategies to promote your next online conference

Reaching attendees and speakers who can’t make it to your event is simple with an online press conference. It enables real-time communication with your community, which fosters excitement and anticipation. While you’re still planning your event, it’s a great way to get early feedback on topics, speakers, and content.

According to an Indonesian survey, individuals spent more than one hour weekly on online or virtual conferences in 2020. It has been the case for almost every country since COVID came, thus indicating how widely accepted and used online meetings are.

If you have an online conference right around the corner, promote it well since your success depends on it. You can take a few straightforward steps to ensure you receive all the marketing exposure you deserve.


How to promote your online conference on social media:

The most crucial step is getting the word out about your conference as soon as possible. We advise beginning before you even have a confirmed date or location. Try out a few marketing tactics to see which fits your target market and budget the best.

1. Target the correct audience

You must create public participation to communicate with potential attendees. Who specifically are you trying to attract, for instance, if you’re hosting an industry conference? Executive marketers? Teams for customer service? CEOs?

You will probably have a variety of audience personas unless your conference is very narrowly targeted at a single niche. You’ll also require a marketing plan for your conference.

Outline each group, concentrating on the traits one particular segment has in common. Instead of specific characteristics that might only apply to a small number of people, you want these to evoke the general factors that members of that particular group share.

2. Increase your SEO efforts.

Using search engines like Google is an essential discovery strategy for your attendees. The word “conference” alone receives almost 10,000 searches each month. However, just because your event is the best doesn’t mean you should expect to appear first in search results.

The science of search engine optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving. It involves strategically placing keywords throughout your web copy, always mentioning essential details like the location of your event, and, of course, starting with excellent content.

3. Make content that can be used in multiple channels.

You must ensure that your content consists of every digital marketing asset you create, including images with clever captions, live videos, and insightful copy. However, you’re wasting valuable time if you have to start from scratch with each new post.

Sharing the same content across all channels is not the only form of repurposing content. It involves creative repackaging for specific purposes.

Create infographics using the most crucial information from your conference presentations, for instance, and share them via email and social media. Alternatively, tweet memorable lines from keynotes while tagging the speaker and the unique hashtag for your event. Later, compile all of these quotes into a blog post titled “best insights from this conference.”

4. Eliminate all obstacles to registration

Studies have shown that people are less likely to complete a checkout process the more steps they are required to complete. Make it simple for visitors to sign up from any website where they might find out about your event.

For instance, if a potential customer decides to register while using Facebook, allow them to make a purchase directly from Facebook. A decisive event management solution will collaborate with the most significant discovery sites to enable native checkout.

These days, conference organizers can promote their events in various ways. These strategic conference marketing pointers will enable you to get the most out of your marketing efforts and budget this year and guarantee the most significant number of registrations for your online conference.

5. Advertise

Advertising is the best way to promote your online conference to ensure maximum success. Given the wide variety of social media platforms, advertising has become extremely simple, fast, and cheap.

Posters or flyers are a very effective way to promote events or small business marketing, costing little to nothing. You should consider websites like PosterMyWall for various corporate poster templates and choose a suitable pick.

Advertising plays a vital role in the promotion of conferences and everything else as well. Within a limited budget, you can promote your online conference well using posters or flyers.


6. Don’t forget to market to your current clients.

Don’t forget about your current customers while you’re busy creating audience personas. Since they’ve already expressed interest in your company and what you have to offer by making a purchase or joining your email list, you must market to them first.

Finding opportunities on your current email list is a great way to help boost your conference registration and help you stand out as soon as registration opens.

Additionally, advertising your conference to current clients offers you the chance to express gratitude to them with a discount or early access, increasing their loyalty to your brand and solidifying that ongoing relationship.

7. Remember to continue your online promotion both during and after the conference.

Once registration is closed, conference marketing shouldn’t stop. Even if all seats are taken, you still want to generate buzz before, during, and after the event. It will aid in marketing for the following year because viral events encourage word-of-mouth advertising, an invaluable form of marketing.

Designate one person or a team to post live from panel discussions and keynote speeches throughout the online conference. There are countless options for posting content, including sound bites from your presenters and pictures or brief videos of attendees.

The more you excite your online conference, the more likely it is to be famous and well liked. To ensure a successful meeting, you need all the attention you can get from potential attendees, and constant promotion is the right way to about it.

Essential tip: Use a hashtag

Nowadays, hashtags are essential for conference marketing, especially given attendees’ continued high level of social engagement. Create a simple, memorable hashtag, and keep an eye out for other unofficial ones that are becoming popular among your followers.


The best events always have a strong sense of community. Being an event organizer entails a lot of community outreach, providing value, and responding to inquiries. You won’t have a successful event if you don’t engage the public sufficiently to promote it. Your online conference can only be successful if it is hyped up well to catch as much attention as possible.

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