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How can a Title IX advisor help you?

Students from all walks of life come to academic institutions with the hope of learning and knowledge. They expect equal opportunities in learning and co-curricular activities devoid of any discrimination or exploitation on the basis of gender, race, financial background, etc. Title IX law is an important university policy and a federal civil right that protects students from any form of harassment and exploitation in the field of education, sports, and other co-curricular activities. Violation of Title IX law leads to an investigation which is a university administrative process and not a legal proceeding.

The Title IX advisor in Texas can help you in the following ways:-

Role of an advisor during the investigation process: There are two parties involved in the Title IX formal complaint process –  the complainant and the respondent. Both individuals have every right to have an individual of their choice serve as their advisor during the entire investigation and hearing process. The advisor can be anyone from your parents, mentor, friends, advocate, attorney, etc. They can also choose advisors from the college’s trained Title IX & Student Conduct Advisors. The advisor assists them throughout the investigation process. They also provide support during each part of the investigation process starting from pre-hearing meetings to interviews.

Provide proper advice: The advisor plays a crucial role when it comes to asking procedural questions to the investigator. Though the advisor is not allowed to speak during the pre-hearing meetings or interviews, they are allowed to ask questions about the procedures followed by the investigator. They can also seek clarifications regarding the process if they feel there is some undue interference. Advisors can also alert the investigator to acts of retaliation.

Role of an advisor during the hearing process: The complainant and respondent are allowed to get their advisors at the hearing too. The advisor will ensure to provide advice in private to his/her party as well as question the opposite party and other witnesses. The advisor can be anyone of the individual’s choice or an attorney. In some cases, the university selects an advisor to assist the individual.

Act as a support system: The advisors surely act as a support system during such tough times. The college also encourages individuals to hire an advisor as such cases can be quite challenging. The advisors provide invaluable support to the individual and give sound advice on how to best navigate the resolution process.

Title IX advisors’ essential requirement is to provide the right assistance, accurate information, and support to the party they are supporting. The advisor acts as a huge support system for the students while going through the Title IX process.

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