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Pexda Alternatives


Top 15 Pexda Alternatives for Successful Dropshipping in 2023

Any e-commerce company must have Pexda. A successful product is necessary to draw in more people and boost sales. It has been demonstrated that Pexda, a market research tool incredibly effective in sourcing products for numerous platforms, is quite helpful.

This post will outline the top 15 Pexda alternatives for finding advantageous dropshipping merchandise. The following options are the best alternatives to Pexda since they all feature a free version that enables you to test the software without paying any money.

What is Pexda?

Pexda is a platform for finding products that are intended for internet sellers. It selects various items based on performance data to inform customers of their value.

Everything you require to run a productive business is available with Pexda. Their slogan, “Stop wasting money on bad products,” is appropriate. Additionally, they showcase popular trends from various markets, like Shopify, eBay, and Amazon.

What sets Pexda apart from other brands?

Pexda is the preferred choice for users due to a variety of reasons. These are the most important reasons.

  • Pexda Chrome Extension – One of the most powerful apps to help users search for sponsored ads that could make them money using Facebook Ads.
  • Fantastic support: They are available to assist you in any way you need. You can quickly create Ad copy and get all the data you need in just a few clicks. Their support is also outstanding and well worth praise.
  • Auto Hunt: Only a few platforms offer this sophisticated capability. You may quickly look for profitable and successful products with this tool.
  • The category-based product list on Pexda: Pexda is unique because of this attribute. You can look for products and sign up for updates within a particular sector; this displays the best-selling goods in each market, including those for toys, cosmetics, and personal care. You can choose one after determining the requirement; This makes picking the ideal product simple.

Shortcomings of Pexda

Let’s examine some of their drawbacks in comparison to the other instruments.

  • The Basic Plan is limited: This Plan’s value is highly constrained and should be offered for free instead.
  • High Subscription Fee: The subscribing price is high, particularly for the ultimate Plan.

It’s vital to remember that the suggested ad targeting is only sometimes precise, so before promoting any products, do some Facebook research; this will complement what you already have and make it simple to use.

Pexda Plans and Pricing:

There is no free membership tier on Pexda. They only offer a 14-day paid trial, with an initial payment of $1.95 and a subsequent monthly payment of $14.

Let’s look at the plans, which include the following three:

  • Essential Plan ($1.95 for 14 days)
  • Plan Premium ($24.95/month)
  • Total Plan ($99.95 per month)

Top 15 Pexda Alternatives 

Are you looking for more effective Pexda alternatives to uncover products that will succeed for your online store? You’re in luck, then! We’ll walk you through the top 20 approaches you may utilize to find lucrative products and increase your sales.

Let’s get going.

1: AliInsider


The most excellent Pexda alternative for customers seeking is AliInsider, another top dropshipping research resource. With the help of the effective Chrome browser plugin AliInsider, you can quickly examine and research any item on the AliExpress website.

You may examine complete information on average daily sales and revenue, links to top suppliers on AliExpress, and competitors on eBay, Shopify, and more by simply installing the extension.

Main Key Features: 

  • An innovative research tool for dropshipping on AliExpress
  • With a few clicks, research any product on AliExpress
  • Complete information on daily sales, earnings, and units sold
  • Includes connections to Shopify competitors and more
  • Free version and reasonably priced premium option

 2: Ecomhunt


Since it is more affordable and provides many of the same features as Pexda, Ecomhunt is one of the first websites to discover successful dropshipping products. Every product in the database has information on cost and links to suppliers and competitors. The database is updated every day.

Ecomhunt is sometimes seen as a superior option to Pexda despite sharing many of the same features, including a database of winning products. There is also a hand-selected list of the top 2500-plus products from the collection.

Main Key Features: 

  • Dropshipping products in one place
  • Database of successful dropship products
  • Links to rivals and social advertisements
  • Several distinctive tools
  • Some products are available for free with the premium version.

3: Alishark


You ignore the hidden jewels and only look at the best-selling items. A product that isn’t a top seller can be quickly identified, thanks to Alishark. Even better, AliShark will display “matching pages” for you—other websites offering the same item for sale online.

You might look at these pages to gain suggestions on organizing your product page and what kinds of photographs to use. Additionally, you may view every country where the item is being dropped shipped.

Main Key Features:

  • Tool for Product Research
  • A video maker
  • Looking for Goods to Sell
  • Addition of eBay
  • Product advertisements on social media

4: SaleHoo


A directory is SaleHoo. It serves as a database for merchants looking for goods to sell. China, the UK, Canada, and the US are served by SaleHoo, a company formed in New Zealand. Additionally, you save the tiresome process of vetting wholesale suppliers—link with the companies that supply the goods you want to sell.

SaleHoo offers the resources and connections you require for dropshipping and wholesale. You may receive the top-selling items in each market by contacting sellers from various industries.

Main Key Features:

  • Market study for wholesale suppliers
  • Dropship Distributors
  • Identify popular buying patterns and popular products
  • Identify the goods with the highest profit margins.

 5: FindNiche


FindNiche offers a variety of resources for locating profitable dropshipping products, including a database of more than 80 million top-selling AliExpress items, a regularly updated list of hand-picked trending items, a potent ad spy tool, and a list of suggested products in hot niches.

FindNiche is the market’s most feature-rich research tool. It offers users all they require for product research and winning purchases. Advanced data on sales patterns, profit margins, and selling prices are also available from FindNiche.

Main Key Features:

  • The most feature-rich dropshipping platform 
  • Best for small-budget businesses
  • 80 million top-selling AliExpress products in a database
  • Detailed reports on orders and overall sales
  • Free access to a small selection of goods and data

6: Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy

Dropship Spy is another well-known dropshipping research tool and curated database of successful products. Dropship Spy has one of the biggest and fastest-growing databases of the best-selling dropshipping products that are already making other drop shippers enormous profits.

More than 2,500 social-proof goods are included in this. Dropship Spy also offers targeted ideas, downloadable video advertising, and links to current Facebook ads. As a result, you will be equipped with everything you need to start selling the products on almost any channel right away.

Main Key Features:

  • Fastest-growing collection of successful drop ship items
  • Two thousand five hundred best-selling items from social networking outlets are included.
  • Links to numerous suggested AliExpress vendors
  • Facebook ad text with suggested targeting
  • Information on cost, selling, and shipping expenses

 7: Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend

A solid Pexda alternative for identifying profitable dropshipping products is Sell The Trend; it offers a free seven-day trial, so you can use it risk-free for that period. You can look at your store to see where it can be strengthened. The Store Intelligence report will contain essential information.

To identify the top trending eCommerce products, Sell The Trend tracks and analyzes eCommerce stores worldwide using AI. To identify products in various Trending, Hot, or Recently Published niches, you can browse the database of products.

Main Key Features:

  • Product Analytics
  • Store Intelligence Spy Tool for Product Analytics
  • Explorer for Amazon, AliExpress
  • Quick Local Shipping Providers
  • Calculator for Engagement Rating

8: Niche Scraper

Niche Scraper

Known for its dependability and popularity, Niche Scraper offers a variety of cutting-edge tools for locating profitable dropshipping products. Niche Scraper has a database with more than 1,000 specially selected products.

The product scraper is the primary tool. Perform a product search or choose a category to get an immediate list of the best-selling dropshipping products from AliExpress or other Shopify dropshipping companies. The results can then be sorted by order volume, price range, growth rate, shipping location, and other factors.

Main Key Features:

  • Sophisticated platform with numerous tools
  • Includes product scraper and curated item database
  • Check out the specifics on sales, growth, and profit margins.
  • Innovative tools for making videos and analyzing stores
  • Free access to a small selection of goods and services

9: Thieve


Thieve is exceptional. The top goods from AliExpress are displayed to you, but an AI system did not choose them; they were carefully chosen by international bloggers, photographers, and designers. Thieve can be used without spending money. Even without making an account, you can browse popular products on Thieve.

You won’t have to be concerned about an AI machine offering you things that aren’t that fantastic because people have reviewed all the products on Thieve. To find things that ship swiftly to the US, you may also sort products by “shipping.”

Main Key Features:

  • Option for Scroll down to see a product image
  • Extension that enables you to keep items
  • AI will revise the product description to make your version distinct.
  • This tool is fantastic for making unique photos for your product pages.

10: AliExtractor


Another excellent AliExpress research tool is AliExtractor, which provides intriguing features like enabling cashback on AliExpress orders. You can use AliExtractor to discover the best-selling items in your category. You can use numerous filters to focus your search results and get straight to the best sellers.

If you are still trying to come up with outstanding product and market ideas on your own, there is even a Magic Light Bulb that you may employ.

Main Key Features:

  • Download customer testimonials to boost conversion rates
  • Use a profit calculator to estimate the amount needed to sell a product.
  • Calculate your monthly sales.
  • Choose the top vendors to do business with.
  • Get your customers’ products up to 8% back in cashback.

11: Dropship Scan

Dropship Scan

Dropship Scan is a fantastic substitute if you’re looking for a product with a free trial. Using Dropship filters, the search engine enables you to look for profitable products. You can download or broadcast the advertisement directly to your social media networks when completely satisfied with the outcome.

When you find a product you like, you may import it into your store with all its information, including price. To import products, Dropship Scan has integrations with Shopify and WooCommerce.

Main Key Features:

  • Search up to 5,000 stores with the Shop Inspector tool.
  • Post the advertisement right away to your social media accounts.
  • Product photos are pulled into the Ad Designer tool so you can customize them.
  • A minimum $10, $25, or $50 profit margin

12: ShopHunter


If you require real-time updates, ShopHunter is a great spy tool. The system may display sales volume, revenue, and even the newest products in demand. Ali Hunters is a Shopify program that helps you find popular products on AliExpress, spots trends, and examines rival retailers’ online storefronts.

If you are starting with dropshipping, you need to track a lot of stores. Through their email and ticketing systems, they offer first-rate customer assistance.

Main Key Features:

  • Quickly get information from other countries
  • At the basic plan, you can track 25 stores
  • You can see the stats of a specific store
  • List of the top 20 global sites

13: Spocket


Spocket is a straightforward dropship vendor and import tool. It pioneered in the field and specializes in importing goods directly from suppliers to your shop. They now additionally provide a phony spy tool where you may find profitable goods for your dropshipping business.

While Spocket might not have all the AI bells and whistles, it does play a crucial role in helping you locate trustworthy suppliers who won’t let you down. You might get a list of profitable products from markets you do not belong to.

Main Key Features:

  • Integration with platforms like Shopify, Wix, Ecwid, and WooCommerce
  • Search filter based on the product’s location
  • The Spocket staff is open to chat at any time.
  • Directly chat with your supplier.

14: SaleSource


SaleSource is a beautiful alternative for sourcing suppliers, snooping on rivals, and finding outstanding products to dropship. It provides a free trial.

Additionally, it is an excellent tool for market research. You may view information like where the majority of customers are situated, which helps improve the targeting of your social media adverts. If you are starting your store, the SaleSource theme analyzer can determine which theme suits your objectives.

Main Key Features:

  • You can perform research while visiting AliExpress with a Chrome extension.
  • It is also simple to spy on rivals.
  • Theme analyzer to determine which theme will best serve your objectives.

15: Oberlo


A dropshipping directory called Oberlo features merchandise from AliExpress.It offers information and a free course to help you start your dropshipping business from scratch, so it is more than just a directory. You can look for successful Oberlo products and import them into your business.

English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Brazilian Portuguese are among the six languages Oberlo supports. When surfing, you can add items you find to your store using the Oberlo Chrome extension.

Main Key Features:

  • The customer service team at Oberlo is available around the clock.
  • Oberlo is entirely free.
  • You may add items you discover while surfing using a Chrome extension.
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