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What Is PsExec? – And how you can use it?

The greater part of the tools we use to manage networks work as a twofold edged sword. These devices give a lot of adapt abilities and enabling us easy management of gadgets, administrations, or software as the same. On the right side, we don’t have anything to stress over, yet in some wrong hands, our remote organization tools become incredible weapons that can be utilized by attackers to play out a wide cluster of malicious activities. In this article, we will discuss a tool that fits this depiction. This tool is the PsExec tool. In this article, we will talk about what is PsExec is and what its requirements are. Following this, we will also talk about how you can use it?

Without much wastage of time, let’s dive in!

What is PsExec?

The PsExec utility was designed as a component of the PsTools suite, initially created by Mark Russinovich of Sysinternals, presently possessed by Microsoft. The tool is coined as a command-line based remote organization tool and permits for the remote execution of processes on different frameworks. It is very flexible which means you can many gadgets separated by domains and site limits. Not exclusively can PsExec execute programs on a far off framework, yet it can likewise divert console info and yield between frameworks so you can utilize interactive tools distantly. 


You just should be running a modern Windows operating system for PsExec to run on your local PC. You will need to run psexec against far off PCs. To do that, you’ll need to ensure a couple of things are set up. 

  • A modern Windows PC 
  • File or Printer Sharing opens 
  • The admin$ authoritative share accessible 
  • You know a local account accreditation 

How to Install and Set up PsExec?

PsExec doesn’t need the establishment of any custom software and no high level set up on the remote host prior to connecting. Anyway, if PsExec doesn’t need any settings like other conventional regulatory tools, how can it work? 


  • Downloading PsExec 

PsExec is only a command-line utility tool. You should simply download the PsTools suites on the localhost. It’s a ZIP document accessible at Sysinternals. After downloading, right-click on the ZIP file and select Extract All from the menu.


  • Running PsExec and Connecting to a Remote Computer 

When you have PsExec downloaded on your remote PC, the next is to set it up for association with an objective host. For PsExec to run and interface with a far-off host you should fulfill above mentioned essential requirements.

How to Use PsExec? 

For PsExec to work effectively, its grammar should be precise. In this way, you need to comprehend the manner in which it works and type commands as proposed. 

Along these lines, to get to a remote host, you need to give the objective host credentials like the IP address, username or password with your commands.

For instance, to run ipconfig on a remote framework with an IP address or password ‘23456’, you can open a PsExec CMD console and enter: 

C: \PsExec \\ – u Administrator – p 23456 

If you inputted command effectively executes on the remote framework, it will move the content result to your command window.

PsExec Can Be Dangerous 

It’s vital to see how incredible PsExec is and how it very well may be utilized to compromise your PC when utilized in an in any case unsecured environment.

All that said, considering the firewall changes required and administrator credentials information somebody would have, there’s little reason to stress in as much as the administrator password on the remote PC is perplexing and other fundamental safety efforts have been taken.

Effective methods to Prevent Lateral Movement by PsExec

Extensive procedures can help diminish the danger of lateral movement by PsExec. There are many methods that are:

  • One method is upholding the guideline of least advantage by decreasing the number of accounts with administrator advantages.
  • Another method is portioning networks and making policies that limit the collaborations of a compromised gadget in one sub-network with other network gadgets. But, network division is hard to set up. 
  • Keep on strategies that can prevent you from causing harm. You can make a policy that prevents users from downloading software tools, for example, PsExec and AppLocker. You can likewise configure the Windows Registry to require User Account Control (UAC) endorsements for any PsExec activities requiring administrator privileges.
  • Stay careful with uncommon RPC solicitations to prevent attackers from sending and running malware on network gadgets. 


The PsExec has a lot of jobs for an assortment of goals of the user. I hope, this article has helped you with understanding a portion of its highlights. PsExec is that type of tool that permits an attacker to be inventive. Despite the fact that we have covered only a couple of uses of this tool.  But there are many other interesting attack vectors that are accessible utilizing its list of capabilities. So, have fun, and you don’t need to take the stress any more too much ☺

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