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Pixwox Alternatives
Pixwox Alternatives


11 Pixwox Alternatives to find Instagram Photos and Videos

Pixwox makes it simple to download and watch Instagram posts, Instagram stories, and Instagram posts in the manner of your choice. Pixwox not only lets you explore your preferred username through it, but it also gives you the option to download or view them however you like.

Users can easily download either public or private accounts, or they can view them offline. Girl, life, sports, happiness, beauty, love, fashion, art, food, travel, and other hashtags you can research are just a few of the supported and well-liked ones. It may take time to get a long-term understanding of your followers’ activity, but it’s important to make sure you’re posting when the majority of your audience is online.

The Instagram app Pixwox allows you to expand and save a high-resolution version of a user’s profile photo. Automatic Instagram pictures, videos, highlights, stories, and program downloads are possible. Without logging into your Instagram account, you can use this App to save images and videos that you can later repost on your timeline or feed. Users can browse Instagram hashtags and account information by checking the profiles of their friends or favorite musicians.

With the help of the Pixwox program, you may repost your favorite videos or images with original hashtags and captions on your Instagram story. The Pixwox for Instagram and Repost App has many great features, such as not requiring a login, allowing you to download videos and photos in their entirety, downloading stories quickly, supporting copy links, and preventing you from switching between applications with a sophisticated bubble service. You can also save time by downloading many pictures and movies at once.

Main Features of the PixwoxTool?

  • View profiles online
  • Instagram story downloader
  • Posted tags
  • best Instagram stalker and viewer
  • Instagram profile downloader that is free and private

Pros and Cons of Pixwox Tool


  • There is no registration needed for Pixwox.
  • You can read good stories thanks to it.
  • It is entirely cost-free.


  • The website has received a lot of negative feedback.
  • The requested account is usually impossible to find.
  • On social media, Pixwox is not widely used.
  • Since it is new to the sector, little attention has been paid to it.

Top 10 Pixwox Alternatives – Apps Like Pixwox

1. InstaStories:

The finest website for Pixwox substitutes is InstaStories. You can use Instagram without being seen by the users whose profiles you want to see. First, input the appropriate username in the search field to get the desired results and click the search icon on our anonymous IG browser. After that, enter the correct login in the search field and let the platform take care of the rest. Then, add the usernames you’ve chosen to your list of favorites for easy access to them all. It is an excellent substitute for Pixwox for downloading Photos and Stories.

2. 4K Stogram:

Similar to other top websites and tools for Pixwox. To download Instagram stories, images, or videos from other users, use 4K Stogram. The 4K Stogram app is appropriate for you. Downloading Instagram stories, accounts, hashtags, and locations for nothing is simple using 4K Stogram. You can also download particular Instagram media from various accounts with this program. Therefore, you must first provide the user’s name, location, and Instagram hashtag to continue.

3. Instalkr:

a Pixwox alternative. You might find it interesting that there is an app that enables you to view the anonymous stories of any people you choose while we are talking about watching or downloading stories. You obviously can’t download anything, but you may still see it without letting anyone know you’re a follower. Its primary function is to swiftly identify your stalker and reveal who has viewed your profile.

4. Storysaver:

story saver

Storysaver is one of the alternatives to Pixwox. If you want to save the Instagram stories of the people you follow, is another helpful resource. It enables you to develop into an expert stalker while remaining undetected. Most popular Instagram accounts allow you to easily browse and download their stories so you may enjoy things as they are. To check the status of a download, enter the user’s name and press the download button. The next step is to select the page’s highlights and the current story. You can download the media you’ve chosen after selecting “Save as.” The website can be used immediately without signing up or paying anything.

5. Dumpor:

Would you want to view Instagram stories in secret? Yes, it provides the best opportunity for you to stalk someone secretly. This platform enables you to view the Instagram stories you want to without giving away your identity. It never informs anyone of your stalking and keeps it a secret. You may explore the profiles of people you’re interested in and find out about their followers, IG stories, and tagged posts while remaining anonymous.
By entering a search term in the field provided and press the search button, Dumpor enables you to look up Instagram accounts, tags, and places. Therefore, go to Dumpor’s website to witness the best Instagram experience. One of its superb features is downloading stuff while browsing anonymously and analysing profiles, comments, likes, follows, etc.

6. Save-o-Gram:

A software called Save-o-Gram makes downloading Instagram photographs to your computer simple and offers extra features to make using Instagram more enjoyable. The application has a search bar to help users find their chosen accounts. It also has an “info” button at the bottom that lets users learn more about the objects they have already seen. It is a dependable Pixwox substitute app for downloading preferred Instagram images and videos.

7. IzoomYou:

One of the programs that most closely resembles Pixwox is IzoomYou. You’re going to the right place if you’re seeking a tool to help you expand your Instagram profile pictures. Viewing and enlarging other users’ Instagram accounts is made more accessible by IzoomYou. Although it is the primary goal of the software, it is not yet finished. Without taking action, you can browse and save Instagram posts, stories, and profile photographs to your mobile devices. You can also look for and stalk your intended victim without them knowing. InstaStories for iOS are now unavailable, but they will soon be available.

8. Fastsave:

Fastsave is the top Pixwox substitute on our list. It lets anybody view and download their favourite Instagram users’ photographs and videos. For finding Instagram IDs, a well-known tool is Fastsave-Repost photo videos. Immediate viewing of downloaded films and photos is possible with this program. With only a few clicks, you may even post the entire collection of images or videos again.

9. Instore:

Like the Pixwox app, you can easily store the stories of the people you choose. With the help of the excellent programme Instore, you can easily download pictures and videos from public Instagram profiles. You may save an infinite number of stories, photos, and videos from your favorite accounts for free using our Instagram downloader. Users of the Instore App can download stories or movies. However, it also allows users to download stories or videos and upload photographs with hashtags and descriptions. It is among the top Pixwox alternatives.

10. Instasaved:

The following alternative in our list of the top Pixwox replacements is Instasaved. It is a great Instagram downloader that makes downloading your preferred posts easy. You may instantly download other people’s tales in addition to saving people’s photos, videos, albums, and IGTV. It doesn’t call for a login or other private data. You can go to the website and start downloading your Instagram account’s material.

11. Vurku:

FREE Instagram Post Downloader: at StatsCrop

With Vurku, Instagram users can download pictures and videos based on their usernames or tags. Vurku is an alternative to Pixwox. Users can quickly search for a post, for instance, by using a username or hashtags. It may also download material from hashtags and open accounts. InstaTake is yet another top-notch Pixwox substitute. You can download Instagram photos with just one click using the free online software InstaTake. It has specific information that is easy to use, a search box for posting URLs, and a download button.


This article lists the top Pixwox alternatives for viewing and downloading Instagram Stories. If Pixwox is not functioning, you can use this list. These applications are entirely functional and secure to use.

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